Today is my last day off work for this break.  As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed my winter vacation and spending time with my friends and family!  With this being my last day with no schedule, I took advantage of my free time by attending Annette’s Bodypump class!  Let’s back up to my morning.  I crawled out of bed around 7:15 (this is really late for me).  I thought to myself, “Self, what kind of workout do you want to do today?”  Then, I had the genius idea of going to Bodypump!  I texted Annette to confirm she would be teaching (the class is not offered at my gym, so I travel to where Annette teaches) and began my morning with a hot cup of joe!

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but when I have extra time in the morning, I’ll occasionally sip on some coffee.  And this coffee was worth the sipping!  It was Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee that Sarah so graciously sent me during December’s Foodie Penpals.  (Check out my guest post here!)  This coffee is delicious and I love the way it makes our kitchen smell.  I only finished about half of the ginormous cup.  That usually happens.  I always think I want more coffee than I can actually handle.  It was good while it lasted though!  I knew I needed to fuel myself properly before Bodypump.

Oatmeal, it was!  This bowl of oats included a banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon.  One of the most perfect combinations!  Another perfect combination?  Bodypump + Annette!  Annette and I grew up together and were inseparable from ages 2 – 12.  We went to different middle schools, high schools, and college, but always kept in touch.  When Annette finally moved back to St. Louis with her numerous fitness certifications and degrees, I was stoked!  She has graciously invited me to Bodypump two other times.

The first Bodypump class I attended was rough… to say the least!  I put waaaaay too much weight on my bar and could not finish one track all the way through.  Take some weight off?  I could.  And I did.  But not enough apparently.  Fast forward to my second Bodypump class.  My goal was to finish each track and not take my own self-proclaimed breaks.  I used significantly less weight and was able to complete each track… with ease.  Today, my challenge was to find a middle-ground!  I wanted to be able to keep up with the class, but still push myself.  I’m happy to say… I accomplished just that!  There was only one track (biceps) that I wish I would have added a drop more weight, but in general I was very happy with my choices and got a great total body workout! 

I learned something new in today’s class, too, which was an added bonus.  When we were doing the ab portion, Annette said to lift your heels in order to make it more challenging (when in the sit-up/crunch position).  This releases the hip flexors putting more work in the abs (oh baby!).  Learn something new everyday!  Thank you, Annette, for completely kicking my booty today and giving me just the workout I needed!  And if any of you all ever need any health, nutrition, motivation, or fitness ideas, Annette’s website Enjoy Your Healthy Life is where it’s at!  Happy Monday and Happy 2012!


7 thoughts on “Bodypump

  1. You are too kind! I love having you there and you are ALWAYS invited–seriously!! Glad you found a happy middle ground 😉 Lovin’ the blog!!

    Happy back to school tomorrow.

    P.s. I am totally slouching in that pic, what the heck?! hah. You look gorgeous btw, how is that fair?! 😉

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